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Simone Haupenthal, PsyD. PSY30513


Dr. Simone is passionate about helping families understand their children better by providing psychotherapy services, child and adolescent neuropsychological assessments, neuro behavioral therapy, psychoeducational testing, and IQ testing.  A graduate of John F. Kennedy University, Dr. Simone completed her internship and postdoctoral fellowship specializing in child and adolescent neuropsychological assessment at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA.  She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Neuropsychological Assessment

Are you concerned about your child’s school performance? Do you feel your child has learning challenges or problems staying focused and paying attention? Has there been a history of behavior problems or lack of social skills? Our behavior therapy clinic is focused on understanding the connection between brain and behavior. Changes in the brain could affect the individual’s ability to pay attention, process and remember information, or solve problems. Changes in the brain can impact cognitive, behavioral, and social-emotional functioning.

IQ Testing for School Admission

Some private schools require IQ testing as part of their admissions process. Dr. Simone provides IQ testing (WPPSI-IV or WISC-V) for children ages 2:6 and older.

Psychoeducational Testing

You may have concerns regarding your child’s learning difficulties, attention and concentration, academic achievement performance, or behavior issues.


Psychotherapy is a way to help you and your family to cope with emotional difficulties and daily life struggles or concerns.

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