Testing Day

It is important that your child has a good night of sleep and a good breakfast prior to coming to testing. 

  1. Initial Interview

Dr. Simone conducts a thorough background history interview with the parent or guardian of the child or adolescent to gather information and tailor assessment to be completed. When testing children, adolescents or young adults, it is important to bring copies of school report cards and previous testing if any.

  1. Testing

Testing is conducted face-to-face. The length of testing depends on the referral or concern and the severity of symptoms. In general, an assessment lasts between 4-8 hours.  After testing is completed there may be a phone interview with the child’s teacher(s), family members, caretaker, or pediatrician for a better understanding of the child’s daily functioning.

  1. Report writing

After testing is completed, Dr. Simone will score, interpret, and write a detailed report providing individualized interventions and recommendations to best help the child, adolescent, or young adult succeed at school and at home.

  1. Feedback Session and Recommendations

The feedback session is provided once the written report is completed.  Dr. Simone meets with the parents or guardian and also with the child or adolescent separately to discuss the results of testing including strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly the recommendations for the individual to succeed in school and at home. Recommendations are tailored to the individual’s unique profile and may include school accommodations or referrals to other services.

Dr. Simone offers an optional follow up session to check in regarding recommendations given. The follow up session is usually scheduled 3-4 weeks after the feedback session and must be scheduled by you.